IronPython.Runtime.Binding Namespace
Public classContextArgBuilder
ArgBuilder which provides the CodeContext parameter to a method.
Public classMetaExpandableT
Meta-object which allows IPythonExpandable objects to behave like Python objects in their ability to dynamically add and remove new or existing custom attributes, generally shadowing existing built-in members. Getting: Member accesses first consult the object's CustomAttributes dictionary, then fall through to the underlying object. Setting: Values can be bound to any member name, shadowing any existing attributes except public non-PythonHidden fields and properties, which will bypass the dictionary. Thus, it is possible for SetMember to fail, for example if the property is read-only or of the wrong type. Deleting: Any member represented in the dictionary can be deleted, re-exposing the underlying member if it exists. Any other deletions will fail.
Public classSiteLocalStorageBuilder
Public interfaceIPythonExpandable
Interface used to mark objects which contain a dictionary of custom attributes that shadow their existing attributes in a dynamic fashion.