IronPython.Runtime.Types Namespace
Public classBuiltinFunction
BuiltinFunction represents any standard CLR function exposed to Python. This is used for both methods on standard Python types such as list or tuple and for methods from arbitrary .NET assemblies. All calls are made through the optimizedTarget which is created lazily. TODO: Back BuiltinFunction's by MethodGroup's.
Public classBuiltinFunctionOverloadMapper
Public classBuiltinMethodDescriptor
Public classCachedNewTypeInfo
Public classConstructorFunction
Public classConstructorOverloadMapper
Public classDictProxy
Public classDynamicHelpers
Public classEllipsis
Public classExtensionPropertyInfo
Public classGenericBuiltinFunction
A custom built-in function which supports indexing
Public classNameConverter
Contains helper methods for converting C# names into Python names.
Public classNoneTypeOps
Public classNotImplementedType
Public classOldClass
Public classOldInstance
Public classPythonCachedTypeInfoAttribute
Public classPythonCustomTracker
Public classPythonType
Represents a PythonType. Instances of PythonType are created via PythonTypeBuilder.
Public classPythonTypeDataSlot
Public classPythonTypeDictSlot
Provides a slot object for the dictionary to allow setting of the dictionary.
Public classPythonTypeSlot
A TypeSlot is an item that gets stored in a type's dictionary. Slots provide an opportunity to customize access at runtime when a value is get or set from a dictionary.
Public classPythonTypeTypeSlot
Public classPythonTypeUserDescriptorSlot
Public classPythonTypeWeakRefSlot
Public classReflectedEvent
The unbound representation of an event property
Public classReflectedEventBoundEvent
BoundEvent is the object that gets returned when the user gets an event object. An BoundEvent tracks where the event was received from and is used to verify we get a proper add when dealing w/ statics events.
Public classReflectedExtensionProperty
Represents a ReflectedProperty created for an extension method. Logically the property is an instance property but the method implementing it is static.
Public classReflectedField
Public classReflectedGetterSetter
Base class for properties backed by methods. These include our slot properties, indexers, and normal properties. This class provides the storage of these as well as the storage of our optimized getter/setter methods, documentation for the property, etc...
Public classReflectedIndexer
Provides access to non-default .NET indexers (aka properties w/ parameters). C# doesn't support these, but both COM and VB.NET do. The types dictionary gets populated w/a ReflectedGetterSetter indexer which is a descriptor. Getting the descriptor returns a bound indexer. The bound indexer supports indexing. We support multiple indexer parameters via expandable tuples.
Public classReflectedProperty
Public classTypeCache
Public interfaceIPythonObject
This interface is used for implementing parts of the IronPython type system. It is not intended for consumption from user programs.
Public enumerationFunctionType
Represents a set of attributes that different functions can have.