FunctionType Enumeration
Represents a set of attributes that different functions can have.

Namespace: IronPython.Runtime.Types
Assembly: IronPython (in IronPython.dll) Version: 2.7
public enum FunctionType
  Member nameValueDescription
None0No flags have been set
Function1This is a function w/ no instance pointer
Method2This is a method that requires an instance
FunctionMethodMask3Built-in functions can encapsulate both methods and functions, in which case both bits are set
AlwaysVisible4True is the function/method should be visible from pure-Python code
ReversedOperator32True if this is a __r*__ method for a CLS overloaded operator method
BinaryOperator64 This method represents a binary operator method for a CLS overloaded operator method. Being a binary operator causes the following special behaviors to kick in: A failed binding at call time returns NotImplemented instead of raising an exception A reversed operator will automatically be created if: 1. The parameters are both of the instance type 2. The parameters are in reversed order (other, this) This enables simple .NET operator methods to be mapped into the Python semantics.
ModuleMethod128 A method declared on a built-in module
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